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Zhongshan Dasin Xin Du Hui

Project name: Zhongshan Dasin Xinduhui 
Project area: 100,000m²  
Developer: Zhongshan Dasin Holdings  
Location: Lianyuan East Road No.4, Shiqi District, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province
Business organization and interior design: Keifh Li 
Photographer: Zhonghai Li
Commercial design company: Pan-asia esselte joint ZhuoYi Decoration design

Design Thinking
The culture (texture) behind the design comes from natural phenomenon and stories of people. A natural design should be the best proponent of subconsciousness.
 He is a young designer equipped with both architecture design thinking and interior decoration thinking.  He had a strong interesting and deep understanding in ancient Chinese culture of Book of Changes 10 years ago, so that he always keeps studying and exploring. He also has unique ideas about the integration of human beings and the nature. However, Yin-yang and Five Elements theory as the basis of Sinology, he further studied Sinology at Peking University's Sinology class and Beijing Yokoyama Academy in recent years in order to have a more complete understanding of Sinology and following the deep exploration of masters and professors to explore the school, he truly realized that the soul belongs to the  culture behind the decoration.

Zhongshan Dasin Xin Du Hui
Zhongshan Shiqi Dasin Xin Du Hui 2nd Phase  
Culture behind creative decoration
Based on the symbol for commercial core value: "Gold" creates "water"
Accompanied by notes of "mountains, islands and rivers", based on eastern civilization, to demonstrate "bright and harmonious" light on the "mountaintop of the lotus". Place people in the environment of nature, freedom and relaxation.
Create a positive, wonderful and exquisite international living and cultural circle with the mixture of various elements
Dasin Xinduhui
The tourists feel free accompanied by notes of mountains, islands and rivers
The wanderers all know that the capital is refreshed viewing the god-blessed light of the lotus
Having been designed for half a year, the central space structure of Shiqi Xinduhui 2nd Phase Shopping Center has been completed.
Targeted at establishing a top mall in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Great Bay Area, the total area of the shopping complex covers 230,000m².
The mall has 7 floors in total, elegant and exquisite.

The texture of the floor focuses on the sketching of three-dimensional feeling. People would feel tired walking on the ground usually, while the three-dimensional view brings about a pleasant feeling.

Column type lights are contained in the pillars, natural and elegant

The 7-floor hollow type design is hard to deal with. People would feel as if staying in a modern environment of mountains and islands accompanied by intertwined mountains and islands, twining curves and objects like flying birds.

You will find no boundary with every step you take viewing the interlaced design of the lift, accompanied by natural light and colors of the trees.

The lift is placed in a man-made natural island rushing to the cloud and you cannot describe it with your words.

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