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Spanish SANCAL x PP Design Gallery Design Salon

SANCAL, the Spanish furniture brand with 40 years history entered the South China market for the first time and established cooperation with PP Design Gallery in the South China which is the first Design Art Gallery focusing on international design. SANCAL and three Spanish designers presented the designer's creative process to the audience with design feelings and conveyed the Spanish modern design style on March 17th, 2018.

Young Santiago Castaño founded SANCAL in the garage of Yecla, Spain in 1973. This time-honored brand, which started out as a classical court chair, has been advancing with the times for 40 years. It has become a leading brand of contemporary furniture and is committed to creating simple, lively, versatile and durable home accessories. Although SANCAL recognizes itself as a “designer of space, styling, and conceptual addiction”, it also insists on a sustainable cycle of production and keeps all its products locally manufactured in Spain.

Guillermo Marqueño-Sancal, SANCAL Asia Pacific brand representative told the audience about SANCAL's brand history and design concept, and displayed the design products that had entered the PP Design Gallery. SANCAL hopes that their design products can surpass the concept of “applying to one space” and define a private space that belongs to it with a modern and time-testable product.

There were designers from MUT Design and one of them named Isaac Pinerio among the three designers who attended this design sharing salon. MUT was founded by Alberto Sánchez in 2010  and is a studio involving product design in various fields. Isaac had ever designed for famous brands such as Nutella, Lavandera, and Sagen Ceramics. He and SANCAL have already been associated as early as 10 years ago. Some of SANCAL's most representative products are based on Isaac's writings, such as the Elephant Pier, the Silla 40 Dining Chair and the Tartana Sound Absorption Board.

Isaac shared the design ideas and cooperation cases with the audience, and fully explained the creative purpose of “translating simple daily necessities into emotive design logos”through the interactive production of handmade furniture models. The direct and sincere design style strives to make more consumers feel the enjoyment of life provided by the design concept with temperature.

PP Design Gallery is located in OCT Overseas Chinese Town Creative Culture Park, the largest creative arts and cultural district in Shenzhen. It is the first design gallery in South China focused on international modern design. PP Design Gallery brings together creative design brands from around the world and presents internationally-intimidated design products in a timely manner. The design salon event organized in cooperation with SANCAL aims to convey the international expression of modern design and share the development of international trends in the furniture design industry, adding a touch of modernity to the Chinese furniture market.

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