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This House In Norway Was Designed With Many Opportunities Fo
This House In Norway Was Designed With Many Opportunities For Views Of The Surrounding Area
Stinessen Arkitektur have designed a modern house that sits on the Malangen peninsula in Norway, for a family and their visiting friends.
The layout of the home involves several individual volumes connected via in-between spaces and a central winter garden.
A large highlighted wood door guides people inside, where they will find a warm and cozy interior with a fireplace.
The home has a variety of different spaces inside, the this living room that has a large picture window that perfectly frames the view.
In an other room, there’s a concrete wall with a built-in fireplace, and a large sliding glass door opens to the outdoors.
Small areas, like the one below, offer a quiet place to relax or play while taking in the views.
The home also has a sauna with curved wood seating and relaxing views of the surrounding area.
In the dining room, a long and horizontal pendant light hangs above the dining table, while the windows add natural light to the room.
The home also has an outdoor dining space with a fireplace and outdoor kitchen.
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