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1600 Lakeside
An odd-shaped property was no match for architect Ryan Young, who designed his family's home on a beautiful lakeside property in Central Florida.

"I have a profound fascination with the authenticity of materials and the beautiful imperfections of wood, concrete and steel," said Young. "My interest lies in the basic concepts of the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy as it relates to architecture and the transient nature of materials. Rather than covering the core beauty of a structure, I believe that the the honest beauty of time can be a remarkable element of design."

This 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 4,000 sq. ft home is located in downtown Orlando on land that once housed a mission-revival style Catholic monastery. While designing the house, Young's introspection developed into a modern experiment with materials: exposed steel beams and raw steel accents, polished concrete floors complete with natural cracks, beautiful walnut and cherry woods not covered with stain but left natural with exposed knots and imperfections, coquina (shell) features indigenous to Florida and to the original monastery structure, and a few signature accents of corten steel which is a curiosity to watch as it changes and patinas to a beautiful earthen amber.

The result of this experiment is a space that is modern, open, and light-filled with a pleasant mix of natural, exposed materials that exude a comfortable warmth that feels connected to the land and to the Young family.

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