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Nenge, a new publication co-authored by designer and founder of SIMPLICITY Shinichiro Ogata and plant artist Satoshi Kawamoto is now available for purchase. We invite you to peruse the pages reflecting “Stillness and Motion” gathering photographs of the works from the salon exhibition held at Yakumo Saryo in April 2016 in which Ogata collaborated with Kawamoto to walk a new path they call “contemporary flowers” that fits neither the traditional approaches of ikebana nor flower arrangement.

“Nenge” is a reference to an event in Buddhism known as “nenge misho.” As Buddha lectured before the masses at Vulture Peak he raised a flower and winked his eye. The symbolism was lost on all but the disciple Mahakasyapa who responded with a soft smile an indication of his unspoken understanding of Dharma or divine law. It is a legend that describes the wonder of ‘heart-to-heart communication’ of Dharma.

Aside from Yakumo Saryo, HIGASHI-YAMA Tokyo, and HIGASHIYA GINZA, the book is also being sold at bookstores nationwide, so please have a look.

Author: Shinichiro Ogata, Satoshi Kawamoto
Photography: Yuichi Ikeda, Eisuke Komatsubara
Art Direction: Shinichiro Ogata
Published by Seigensha Art Publishing Inc.

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