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Spritz hanging lamps by Yuval Tzur Embody an earthy texture
Spritz (also known as stucco) is the technique of applying plaster for homes and buildings, both interior and exterior. The mixture is an acrylic, water-based material made of cement and glue which creates a rough 3d texture when applied onto a surface. The method which is usually used on walls, acoustic ceilings, and insulation has been unconventionally applied to a set of colorful hanging lamps by tel aviv based product designer yuval tzur.

The style which was once popular in home design around the world is nowadays considered old-fashioned and has made way for new methods and technologies. Yuval Tzur however, saw potential in this craft and decided to create a collection of light fixtures using this 3d texture. The addition of pastel shades and earthy tones adds a grounded quality to the dome shaped pieces which hover delicately in a harmonious fusion of color and balance. The result, in turn, places the ‘spritz’ method within a contemporary field by establishing a series of sculptural forms through an alternative use of the technique. 

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