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70+ Chinese Contemporary Art Forum

The opening ceremony of Chinese Achievement Exhibition of Contemporary Art was held in the headquarters building of United Nations on August 20th, 2015, when cultural art officials of United Nations, diplomats, ambassadors and cultures from all nations, governmental officials of New York City, non-governmental organizations of United Nations and representatives from sectors like United Nations Political Department, Department of Public Information, Department of Peacekeeping, awarded certificates and took photos with the artists. In addition, world renowned platform representatives such as foundation of cultural art, art galleries, museums, local chambers of commerce, entrepreneurs’ associations, etc. as well as famous entrepreneurs also attended the ceremony to have profound exchange and discuss cooperation issues with artists attending the exhibition. 

The committee invited the representative of the global cultural academia, art field, design and creation field- master of Chinese culture, Rao Zongyi, the master of Chinese arts and crafts, Wang Zhiwen, Lin Qingcai, sculpture master Ju Ming, international jewelry designer Chen Shiying, master of oil painting He Duoling, master in calligraphy Qiu Zhenzhong, master of traditional Chinese painting Wang Yong and the following representatives of Chinese design field: architects master Ieoh Ming Pei, C. Y. LEE, Graphic Designer,Kan Tai--Keung, Interior Design Master, Tony Chi. Famous hotel designer Hong Zhongxuan of HHD, Joe Cheng of CCD and costume designer Ma Ke and so on so forth, who guided the exhibition. Meanwhile, the United Nations exhibition picked out the representatives of masters of contemporary art like contemporary painting, arts and crafts, space design of interior architecture, environmental landscape, furniture accessory design, costume design, industrial design, jewelry design, binding and layout, photography, sculpture, audio visual, fashion, etc. as well as achievements of potential artists in the field of Chinese contemporary art design and originality, which was taken as gifts for the 70th anniversary of United Nations and display level as well as implication of Chinese contemporary creative works to the world.

Taking the opportunity of the 70th anniversary of United Nations, 70+ Chinese Contemporary Art Forum was held after the exhibition ceremony in “Metropolitan Museum of Art”, which is honored as one of the world’s four great art galleries. Representatives from every field in China, such as visual art, formative art, audio visual art, electronic art and art foundation, art galleries, well-known auction companies, entrepreneurs’ associations, chambers of commerce and so on will be invited to discuss development mode of industrializing Chinese contemporary art in the world’s general trend of the economic cultural structure transformation, so as to realize the communication, interaction and cooperation between cultural art and commerce. Moreover, they also had a discussion on how to promote national culture soft power and industry competitiveness and enhance Chinese rights to speak in international art circle and deepen the importance and coordinating role of Chinese contemporary art in the world’s new order of art through cultural creation and design services that are high value-added and of high knowledge but are low energy consuming and low polluting, and finally achieved the way out of contemporary cultural art.

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