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Global Chinese Innovation Awards 2017
The Lauching Ceremony of Global Chinese Innovation Awards

GCIA is the global competition that celebrates Chinese ingenuity, encouraging innovation across all industries, building upon each other's ideas, similar to coins stacking on top of each other. It invites all Chinese to champion great ideas to inspire a global innovation movement.

The headquarter of ACIA (full title: Asian Creative Industries Alliance) is in Singapore. Its Shanghai secretariat of China headquarter is set up by Mr. Budiman in November 2012.Led by Shanghai and Singapore, ACIA follows the path of one goal, three needs and diverse development and regularly holds big design-related events such as industry forum and information exchanges under the great support from both governments.

Innovation is usually a new way of thinking, creating a new invention or expressing an idea in a new way. It refers to one of the 3 actions, Improving, Creating, Changing.

Unique to humans, Innovation stems from our ability to understand the practical needs of others. It is the highest level of intelligence, and our ability to create new ideas to progress the society has made human's ability to innovate, a force like no other. 

To be at the bleeding edge of innovation, a nation requires a constant influx of creative ideas. It has to empathise with the problems society faces as a whole. Therefore, it is crucial to for the civilisations of the world to continually innovate in all areas, from economics to technology, sociology and architecture.

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