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WAD 2017 World Youth Designer Conference Succeeded
WAD 2017 World Youth Designer Conference ended successfully with the attention of global design field and mainstream public at St Regis, KK100, Shenzhen on Nov. 4th. Young designer representatives from 30 countries such as United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Belgium, Russia, Japan, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and other countries, Shenzhen CPPCC, leaders of Luohu District Government, China Building Decoration Association, Singapore Interior Designers Association and other industry leaders, architectural interior design masters and entrepreneurs from real estate, decoration, design and materials, filming team of CCTV “Feeling China Column”, major mainstream media in Guangdong and live broadcast platform reporters nearly 500 people attended.

Under the guidance of the spirit of reports of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, “Shenzhen Cultural Innovation Development 2020”and “Shenzhen Cultural Development Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", WAD 2017 World Youth Designer Conference is a large international youth designer exchange and cooperation activity co-launched by INTL DESIGNER and Dasheng Houwang Design Eco-network Platform  with Shenzhen Luohu District People’s Government as the guidance unit and Shenzhen Pengrun Smart Technology Co., Ltd. as the organizer.

With the theme of “Design Driven·Guangdong Hongkong-Macao Greater Bay Area”, WAD 2017 World Youth Designer Conference invited excellent designers from 30 countries and regions gathering in Shenzhen by forms of International Youth Designer Idea Summit, Keynote Speech, WAD 2017 World Youth Designer Carnival, Matchmaking Meeting between Chinese Developers and Designers and announcing “WAD 2017 • Shenzhen Declaration” raised a hot boom in design industry with the core topic of “World, Design and Youth”. WAD conference aims to help designers of the world to understand Shenzhen, Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and Chinese market and to convey youth designers’ dream and creativity and to improve the international influence of Chinese design and to promote the international impacts of the “City of Design”, Shenzhen through exchange and cooperation between China and foreign countries, and to boost the international development process of Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Greater Bay Area with the driving force of design. WAD World Youth Designer Conference also got the strong support of China Building Decoration Association, GUANG DONG DECORATIVE ASSOCIATION, Guangdong Designer Alliance, Shenzhen Decoration Industry Association, Shenzhen Human Settlement Environment Seminar, Zhongbang Group, OCT Group, China Overseas Property, Galaxy Group, Jinghua Real Estate, Manjinghua Group, Pengrun Construction Group,Dongpeng Ceramics, Youaibao shell powder ecological coating and other industry associations and famous enterprises.

Frankie Leung, The Founder of WAD and INTL DESIGNER

“Design without borders, Youth unlimited”, Frankie Leung mentioned that youth is the bridge of history and WAD is the bridge of young designers with the expectation of gathering designers around the world together to provide service for designers from China and abroad. Mr. Liang Qichao of China had ever said that, Strong youth entails strong country over 100 years ago, so that strong youth entails the future of industry in the design field. We are very lucky as a designer and our job is to look into and understand the world clearly and to explore and create well. We must understand that design is not only for the sake of gain and honor, but for the creation of works with humanity and immortality that have never existed before. They show the glittering of human creativity that will lead us to go further.

Mr Ray Chuang, the vice president of CCD, Hong Zhongxuan, the founder of HHD International and Li Xin, associate Professor, City University of Hong Kong, doctor of Urban Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology gave a speech respectively at WAD 2017 Annual Forum.

Mr Ray Chuang, the vice president of CCD gives a speech commissioned by the chairman of World Youth Designer Conference Organizing Committee

Hong Zhongxuan, founder of HHD International gives a speech with the topic of Chinese market and business of design

Li Xin, associate Professor, City University of Hong Kong, doctor of Urban Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology gives a speech with the topic of Path toward a Creative Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

OCT Group , Galaxy Group, Manjinghua Group and other China Real Estate Developers carried out the matchmaking meeting with designers from United States, France, Italy, Russia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, more than 30 countries ,and they also introduced their enterprise development vision and development plan and got positive response by designers.

Mrs. Qiao Xiaoyan,Vice General Manager of OCT Group gave the development strategy presentation

Mr. Song Zhiyuan, General Manager of Planning and Design Center of Shenzhen Manjing Investment Group Co., Ltd., shows the latest project of Manjing Real Estate

Mr. Qu Guoxiang, General Manager of Galaxy Group shares the plan of hi-tech industrial park

WAD 2017 World Youth Designer Conference Annual Forum divided designers from 30 countries into 30 groups by country and gave a topic to the representative of each country for a speech, and representatives were divided into 3 groups to give a speech on the stage so that everyone could be one part of the forum.

First Session "Design Beyond Design"

German Geciar,Spain

Peter Hasdell,UK

Second Session "Interactions between International Design and Chinese Market"

Tan Zie Chon, Singapore

Shushanik Kostandian, Armenia

Third Session "Recreating Tradition and Regional Culture"

Tiago Abreu, 

Min ZHANG, New Zealand

Nie Xinping, Chief of Luohu District Chief , Liu Xiaoyi , executive Director of China Building Decoration Association, Ole Bouman, director of Design Society, Shenzhen and Wang Shengjie, Chairman of Singapore Interior Designers Association gave a speech respectively at WAD 2017 World Youth Designer Conference Carnival.

Mr. Nie Xinping, Chief of Luohu District gives a speech

Mr. Liu Xiaoyi , executive Director of China Building Decoration Association gives a speech.

Mr. Ole Bouman, director of Design Society gives a speech

Ong Sheng Keat, the academic host of WAD and Chairman of Singapore Interior Designers Association gives a speech.

WAD 2017 World Youth Designer Conference·Shenzhen Declaration

Young designers also conveyed their thoughts and commitments to the world in the form of the "Shenzhen Declaration." Hong Zhongxuan, a Chinese designer, and German Geciar (Spain), a foreign designer, read and signed together by 30 young designers on the same stage. Over 400 designers and industry colleagues witnessed the audience. "WAD 2017 World Youth Designers Conference Shenzhen Declaration "was released at that night.

WAD 2017 World Youth Designer Conference·Shenzhen Declaration
As youth designers, we believe,
Design is the new method of thinking and creating value. We should have diversified knowledge structure to make design go further.
We promise,
Research based on human operating system and requirements make technology and art service for function, aesthetics and emotion by design.
We promise,
Dedicating to harmonious development between human and nature,focus on sustainability and regeneration to excavate culture and aesthetics resource and create design value.
Ideas never stop, design creates life, and young designers should insight into the moment and affect the future.

Guangdong Hongkong-Macao Design Copyright Protection Workstation & Dasheng Houwang & INTL DESIGNER also held the Global Joint Launch Ceremony at that night of conference. INTLDESINGER is a network hub for international designerd in China of Habo Culture Communication Co., Ltd to provide a platform for the exchange and communication to promote cooperation between Chinese and foreign designers. Guangdong, Hong Kong-Macao design copyright protection workstation, the design industry announced the importance of copyright protection design.


Guangdong Hongkong-Macao Design Copyright Protection Workstation & Dasheng Houwang & INTL DESIGNER Global Joint Launch Ceremony

WAD 2017 World Youth Designer Conference Person of the Year was also released at the conference, Johannes Jeager, partner of Jaeger Kahlen Partner Architects Ltd.(German), Micoli Angela, design director of Conifer Hotels and Resorts(Italy), Johnny Leung, creative director of Chinc's Workshop(Hong Kong,China), Matthieu Augereau, partner of VECTOR DESIGN GROUP(France), Zhuang Ruian ,vice president of CCD(China),Rocky Chan,founder and chief designer of Rocky Chan Design HK Limited(Hong Kong,China),Yin Yanming, founder of Shenzhen Creative Space &Decoration Co., Ltd., such as 30 young designer representatives from around the world won this award.

Awarding Ceremony of WAD Person of the Year

WAD believes that the future of design lies in the boundaries, widths and depths that young people can expand. WAD is a set of youth design and development systems, including youth design centers, production and research bases, venture capital funds, support platforms, public welfare activities, international Youth Design Competition, etc., dedicating to creating a more fair and friendly development environment for young designers in the future. WAD will encourage and support young designers to design and benefit people's livelihood, improve the city, heritage culture, inspire the future.

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